Create with Code cheat sheet – Basics

Create with Code cheat sheet – Basics
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Create with Code is one of the basic Unity3D courses to learn the game engine, I put together a little code cheat sheet to help me to find basic parts of the course. As I lately intensified my work with the goal to release my first own game with adds and everything on the Google play store, as well as the Apple app store. In theory, I know all these things, 3D modelling, Photoshop, coding in C# etc… but as I studied to become a Game Producer my knowledge is on a very thin level on these things and focused more on the leadership and economical aspects of game development. There are experts who dedicate their entire life coding or creating and I want them to thrive, so I knew I’ll never be as good as them.

Recently I started to start my own project with the goal to release it as an indie game developer. I went through this course “Create with Code” provided by Unity3D and noticed that I come back to a lot of these lessons for things like “How did Arrays work again?” or “How do I link from the Main menu to the first level?” Therefore I want to post here some of the recaps of the course and where to find it, to refresh my memory. So click on the images and have fun with my Create with Code cheat sheet.

To jump to the unity course to learn more about each topic, click on the pictures above the content you want to view.

Player Control – Cheat Sheet

Unity 1.2.1
  • Comments
  • Methods
  • Pass parameters
  • Time.deltaTime
  • Multiply (*) operator
  • Components
  • Collider and RigidBody
Unity 1.3
  • Variables
  • Data types
  • Access Modifiers
  • Declare and initialize variables

Basic Gameplay- Cheat Sheet

Unity 2.1
  • Adjust object scale
  • If-statements
  • The Greater (>=) and Less (<=) than operators
Unity 2.2
  • Create Prefabs
  • Override Prefabs
  • Test for Key presses
  • Instantiate objects
  • Destroy objects
  • Else-if statements
Unity 2.3
  • Spawn Manager
  • Arrays
  • Keycodes
  • Random generation
  • Local vs Global variables
  • Perspective vs Isometric projections
Unity 2.4
  • Create custom methods/functions
  • InvokeRepeating() to repeat code
  • Colliders and Triggers
  • Override functions
  • Log Debug messages to console

Sounds and Effects- Cheat Sheet

Unity 3.1
  • GetComponent
  • ForceMode.Impulse
  • Physics.Gravity
  • Rigidbody constraints
  • Rigidbody variables
  • Booleans
  • Multiply/Assign (“*) Operator
  • And (&&) Operator
  • OnCollisionEnter()
Unity 3.2
  • Repeat background
  • Get Collider width
  • Script communication
  • Equal to (==) operator
  • Tags
  • CompareTag()
Unity 3.3
  • Controllers for Animation
  • States, Layers, and Transitions for Animation
  • Animation parameters
  • Animation programming
  • SetTrigger(), SetBool(), SetInt()
  • Not (!) operator
Unity 3.4
  • Particle systems
  • Child object positioning
  • Audio clips and Audio sources
  • Play and stop sound effects

Create with Code – Advanced

The next part will be some more advanced stuff, like gameplay mechanics, user interface etc. You can check out the new part here!

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