Endless Ocean Cleanup Ludum Dare 47

Endless Ocean Cleanup Ludum Dare 47

The game Endless Ocean Cleanup is a game jam submission, made for the Ludum Dare 47 Event Oktober 2020. You play as a little ship on its quest to clean up the ocean from the trash the big container ships drop next to your island paradise.

Why do I do that to myself?! This weekend I participated again on the Ludum Dare 47 game jam. Of course, I took the “Hard” way and joined the COMPO where you get 48h to create a game from scratch. You are allowed to use a game engine, but no assets or recordings you made before the event. This is my second entry, after My Little Sunshine that later became my first mobile app you can actually download from the Apple app store!

I’m pretty thankful for my girlfriend that supported me during the jam, even If I did not always have the patience, as I was constantly thinking about the game. A propper post mortem will be on the way and released on the blog in a couple of weeks somewhere in the games section.

Ludum Dare 47 Game Jam

Endless Ocean Cleanup. The theme of the jam was: Endless Loop! As the theme is announced at midnight my time I could think about my Idea before going to bed. I made a list of ideas that came to my mind. This time, as I am currently working on a game about trash my entry was about that too. Endless Ocean Cleanup for the Ludum Dare 47 event tells the story pollution in our ocean. You are a small ship and have to clean up the trash the big ships leave behind.

The game has no sound, as I prioritised the graphics this time more. Sound, Graphics and Particles are definitely thought I can easily improve to get with little effort a great effect. I am okay with the outcome. I don’t know if you can be truly happy with a game jam game, but at least I don’t hate it. If you want to try it out, you can play Endless Ocean Cleanup here.

Endless Ocean Cleanup

To play you have use WASD to navigate your little ship to the red barrels, pick them up and bring them to the port. You have to press W several times to gain speed. You can see the speed on your “Knots” display. This is probably also the most confusing part of the game. Also, the smoke particle on the island don’t have any use, it’s just there as I could not attach it to the ship without looking buggy.

More Ideas?