My Little Sunshine Game Support

My Little Sunshine Game Support

Game Support for the casual-micro game My Little Sunshine, where you help your little sunflower to survive and protect her from nasty bugs! Nourish your flower by providing her with rain and sun, but too much is too much. Enjoy this short experience, originally made for the 46th Ludum Dare online game jam during quarantine in 2020

Weather Indicator

Weather Indicator & Buttons

The weather indicator tells your flower if it’s doing well. Try to always keep it in this neutral state of not too much sunshine or rain. If you get too much rain (or sun), your flower will eventually die and the side panels will come forward and block the sight of the screen.

Press the Sidepannels several times to change the weather! There will be a little delay in your action and the actual weather. If the weather indicator shows you rainclouds, you have to make sunshine by hitting the sun, located on the right side of the screen. And the other way around if your flower needs rain.

Its raining and your sunflower needs sunshine!


In addition to the weather, you have to protect your flower from bugs! Don’t let them come too close to your little sunshine or you will lose the game. Simply press on the flys to swat them! Your flower will thank you for it!

Survive until the timer on top of the screen is full to win the level! if you complete a level it unlocks the next difficulty in the main menu screen. Happy playing!

Nasty little bug!

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