How to update your Magic Mirror modules

How to update your Magic Mirror modules
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Yesterday I got a message on my Magic Mirror to update one of the modules. As I just wrote about how to set up a Magic Mirror, I also want to show you how to update a module as well. These update messages don’t show up a lot. So normally it’s pretty easy to keep everything updated. But every second or third month its time to have a quick look and fix everything.

How to update your Magic Mirror via SSH

The most comfortable way to update your Magic Mirror modules is by using an SSH connection. Here is a link that shows you how to set up one from Navigate to your modules folder with:

cd MagicMirror/modules

be aware that the “cd” command is case sensitive. So you have to write capital and lower case letters where needed. With “ls” the raspberry pi will list you all the folders you can access from here. Choose the module you want to update with:

cd MMM-TP*

Magic Mirror Update Message for a module

Notice that you don’t have to write everything when you use the * in the end. It will autocomplete the command for you if there is just one alternative. In my case I want to update the TPLink module, if you want to update another one, you have to type that instead. When you are in the folder of the module, pull the new data with:

git pull

In some cases you also have to use the “npm install” command, as the changes have to be installed, that is not necessary for all modules, but for some. If you encounter problems you can delete and reinstall the module with “git reset –hard”

Restart the Magic Mirror or wait for a little and the update message on top of your screen should disappear. If its away, congratulations you updated the Magic Mirror module. That should not have taken too long. If you have any questions feel free to comment, I am happy to help!

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