Create with Code cheat sheet – Advanced

Create with Code cheat sheet – Advanced
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This is the second part of my create with code cheat sheet that is made to help me find certain code related topics from the Unity3D course. I see my self constantly coming back to it and its a very good base to start with Unity. It does not help much with very specific topics like releasing a game, adding advertisement or analytics to it, but for writing code it’s perfect.

This time it’s about more advanced topics like game mechanics and user interface. Even if I tend to use different tools for the UI is this always a good reference in how to connect certain elements. I am sure to write about additional tools in the future and you can find it than in my games section on this blog, here!

Game Mechanics – cheat sheet

Unity 4.1
  • Texture Wraps
  • The camera as a child object
  • Global vs Local coordinates
  • Get the direction of other objects
Unity 4.2
  • Physics Materials
  • Defining vectors in 3D space
  • Normalizing values
  • Methods with return values
Unity 4.3
  • Debug concatenation
  • Local component variables
  • IEnumerators and WaitForSeconds()
  • Coroutines
  • SetActive(true/false)
Unity 4.4
  • For-loops
  • Increment (++) operator
  • Custom methods with parameters
  • FindObjectsOfType

User Interface – cheat sheet

Unity 5.1
  • 2D View
  • AddTorque
  • Game Manager
  • Lists
  • While Loops
  • Mouse Events
Unity 5.2
  • TextMeshPro
  • Canvas
  • Anchor Points
  • Import Libraries
  • Custom methods with parameters
  • Calling methods from other scripts
Unity 5.3
  • Game states
  • Buttons
  • On Click events
  • Scene management Library
  • UI Library
  • Booleans to control game states
Unity 5.4
  • AddListener()
  • Passing parameters between scripts
  • Divide/Assign (/=) operator
  • Grouping child objects

Create with Code – Next Steps

Unity 6.1
  • Optimization
  • Serialized Fields
  • read-only / const / static / protected
  • Event Functions
  • FixedUpdate() vs. Update() vs. LateUpdate()
  • Awake() vs. Start()
  • Object Pooling
Unity 6.2
  • Searching on Unity Answers, Forum, Scripting API
  • Troubleshooting to resolve bugs
  • AddRelativeForce, Center of Mass, RoundToInt
  • Modulus/Remainder (%) operator
  • Looping through lists
  • Custom methods with bool return

That’s it for the last part of the create with code cheat sheet, I am sure there will be more cheat sheets in the future and other material about more extended topics. Like how to add advertisement and analytics in a project, what to take care of when you want to create a child’s app for iOS and how to launch a game in general.

Check out my current game projects here! Leave me a comment and if you are interested in my development environment, like my self-hosted Trello called “Task Cafe” or my self-hosted GitHub repository than follow this link here!

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